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You can't lead if they won't follow

February 4th Live webinar 10-11am EST

$10 live viewing only or recorded viewing only

$15 live viewing plus 30 day viewing


The generational gap in the workforce has never been more broad than it is now. Things will never be the “way they were”.  During this workshop, you’ll gain a new perspective and tools that will make you stand out from others as an employer of choice and reduce turnover.


We’ll talk about tough topics and situational thought processes that will give you ah-ha moments and a fresh outlook on how you can preserve and grow the legacy your organization has worked so hard to build.


It’s an entirely different world of employees AND consumers. Why shouldn't you ROCK IT?

Go Beyond the Classroom

You Cant Lead if They Wont Follow Webina


$10 Webinar Only 
$15 Webinar with Download're probably wondering
Why do they offer courses at such a low price?  
Here's the scoop.
My mission has always been "To champion quality of life and be an instrument of success for everyone I have the opportunity and privilege to impact". 
My desire is to impact as many lives as possible and share the knowledge and gifts I have been given and gained through experience. I would always rather offer courses and training events for less money so that more people can benefit. From personal experience as an executive in a variety of environments; frequent and ongoing training is more likely to occur if there isn't a major impact on the existing budget and doesn't require permission. Small businesses and entrepreneurs would like to do more training, but who can afford it all? So, to make it an easy decision our webinars cost about the same as going out lunch.
That's a painless expense which is a truly worthy investment in yourself and your team.  
*Plus...I believe in doing the right thing for the right reasons all the time. I will use the material recorded in each webinar over and over.  I simply don't want to charge more and be greedy. I don't think it's necessary. I just want to help lots and lots of people. 
So register now and tell your friends to register too.  New courses will be added weekly so please bookmark our site and keep checking back.
Register Here!

Thanks for registering! We will email you the access link.

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