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I'm Passionate About Inspiring Others

As a Motivational Leadership Speaker and Connecting The Why's Expert, I believe that passion without immediate and massive action only equals forgotten dreams.  As a motivational speaker and coach, I will meet any organization or individual exactly where they are and provide simple steps toward a better future. 

Hi! I'm Shari Jo Watkins

From a very early age, I was always on a quest for knowledge and had an even bigger desire to share that knowledge. So much so, that I spent much of my early years grounded for things like talks too much, distracts other children, cannot sit still and works ahead of the class. 


For me, discovering my strengths took time. But once I let go of fear, I realized that there was no limit. For many years, I even believed that the inability to be what others would consider normal was a character defect. There was always something within me that wanted to do more, know more, share more and give back much more. It wasn't until many years later, that I finally discovered that I had bought into the societal lie that says we have to fit into a mold someone else created. I wasn't supposed to be like everyone else.  Those things that made me "different" were actually gifts designed to make me amazing.


I created Elite Pro Coaching and EPC360 out of the growing need to bridge the gap between the generation that was and the generation that is now in the workplace.  Utilizing new tools and technology that everyone can relate to as our workforce and society continues to change.  


I share my experiences to help people around the world realize that they do not have to be part of the "becoming average" epidemic 


I believe my purpose is to share my gifts so that you can confidently make your dreams come true too.

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