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ALWAYS Make a Perfect first impression

make On-Hold Messaging A Staple in your marketing strategy

with on-hold messaging that informs, persuades, entertains & educates


What's Included

  •  Recording Studio Fees

  •  Voice Talent Fees

  •  Edited & Mastered Recordings

  •  One-Click Delivery

  •  File Format Conversion

  •  Offsite File Archival

  •  4-Day Turnaround

  •  100% Guarantee

  • And much more...

Get the perfect plan for you

2 Minute Loop

4 Segments, Message Separators, Music Beds 


3 Minute Loop

5 Segments, Message Separators, Music Beds 


4 Minute Loop

6 Segments, Message Separators, Music Beds 



Choose the Plan that Works Best for Your

$25 each or $55/mo Unlimited 

Deliver Your Brand While Clients are On-Hold

An engaging on-hold message will make an impact. Our clients are looking to maximize their ROI… and understand the value of each and every call!

Enhance image, perfection, confidence

Cross- Sell & Promote product & services, specials & events, newsletters, Facebook & Twitter

Reduce frustrations, hang ups, questions, lost opportunities

On-Hold Marketing can turn your silence into sales and give your business an additional avenue for customer engagement. By making sure your company’s interactions with customers and clients are properly handled so that you make a good impression.  We all know that’s not always easy, so let’s start with the phone call.


Phone calls are one critical area of customer interaction: a badly handled call or confusion navigation may turn your potential customer away.  Engage your phone customers in a positive way even during the moments when they are idle, such as when you put them on hold or when they are interacting with automated voice response systems.

Hold Time Generates Sales


No one wants to put callers on hold; after all, you’ve just spent precious marketing dollars getting that person to call! In fact, almost 70% of business calls are placed on hold. What do customers listen to while they’re waiting on hold?


Improve the quality of your customer’s telephone experience! And, take advantage of a valuable marketing opportunity at the same time.


Order today and your on-hold package can get started right away while our script writers work with you to create the perfect script. Our services work with all digital business phone systems was well as VoIP applications including: PBX, Cisco, Avaya… and more.



Press your on-hold button with confidence knowing your caller is being informed and entertained and getting the kind of customer service you strive to achieve — great music and custom marketing messages that educate and cross-sell your products and services while they hold. No more silence, no radio static, no bad music, no annoying beep.  Let us set up the perfect plan for you today.



Turning on-hold time into marketing time is one of the smartest business decisions you can make – it’s an opportunity to impress, an opportunity to advertise your business, an opportunity to ensure caller satisfaction. And a happy customer is the key to increased profits.



Hang-ups are costly! Let callers know that their call is important; that you’re happy to serve them momentarily. Statistics show that callers wait on-hold up to 70% longer when they hear interesting educational, product and service info.


When callers hear a customized on-hold greeting, they’re more likely to feel reassured they’ve called a capable operation.


  • Most callers placed on “silent hold” estimated their on-hold time to be more than double the actual time.

  • Most callers preferred on hold messages versus silence.

  • Almost half of first-time callers who hang up do not call back.

  • According to industry statistics, 70% of all business calls are placed on hold for an average of 43 to 60 seconds – that’s hundreds of hours of valuable advertising time each year.

  • Take advantage of hold line advertising potential – just 43 seconds is almost a full radio commercial – make it yours!

  • Advertising budgets are almost exclusively geared towards enticing potential customers to call their businesses. Make sure the experience is professional.

  • Businesses experience an increase in requests for additional products and services mentioned on hold.


Silence is not always golden.

Download the On-Hold Messaging PDF flyer

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