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5 Reasons Your Church Needs an App

Reaching your congregation outside Sunday service can be challenging no matter how active your church may be. Even to a very active church community, keeping everyone informed, engaged, growing and moving forward is hard. It can be especially hard for those people who are either new or not actively involved. They can tend to get lost in the shuffle.

Beyond social media, what can you do? Mail gets tossed and flyers left behind, but a mobile app keeps your churchgoers (and their friends) tuned in even when they’re not in the pews.

Here are 5 ways a mobile app will help you build a stronger church community.

Send Updates that Educate, Encourage & Motivate

You’re just a few clicks from reaching users anywhere, anytime with unlimited push notifications. They’re more cost-effective, less time-consuming, and easier to create than text message marketing or email newsletters. Link to your hosted sermons, remind people about tonight’s event, and get creative with custom messaging options. Users can click through to view the essential content after you grab their attention with a pop-up notification. It’s a great way to keep your congregation engaged in the know. You can even send timed and geofenced messages that keep on giving.

Promote Events & Capture Input Data

The events feature is a fantastic way to pack the house for the events on your app calendar and even events promoted through Event Bright and social media. Members can view event details in just a couple clicks and RSVP right through the app. Integrate with your current email marketing and keeps your lists updated seamlessly. You can update event information at any time and notify users of upcoming fundraisers, bible studies, potlucks, and more.

Accept Donations

Easy is better in the giving world. Make it easier for people to give to you or help you by accepting donations through a Merchandise feature or linking to your website’s donation page. It’s great way to reduce paper waste and give your congregation a quick way to chip in, no checkbook required. You can also sell tickets to trips, fundraiser or your own “churchandise” (that’s church merch).

Post Sermons & Mini-Messages

Keep your daily messages on your members’ minds. Recorded sermons are easy to share and promote. Upload an mp3, sync up your church’s podcast, host a message board or link to your YouTube channel to host recordings through your app. Users can tune into the sermons they missed or re-listen to their favorites right within the app.

Gain New Subscribers Quickly & Easily Share Your Messages

Rather than circulating a sign-up form after services, invite users to join your mailing list when they launch your app. You can start a new email list through the app or integrate with a 3rd party newsletter service. Either way, you’ll be boosting your subscribers with each new download and eliminating the paperwork.

BONUS: Here’s the most common concern from churches that do not have an app.

1. Having an app is too expensive.

2. I won’t be able to keep it updated.

Many churches and non-profit organizations have the same two fears. We believe the answer can be simple. With the right team teaching and supporting you, we know that apps are affordable and they are not hard to update. We can do it together.

Contact us today if you’re interested in an app for your congregation or just have some questions!

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