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Take action or be OK with nothing happening.

Sounds simple right. For people all around the world, taking that very first step and causing action to begin, is the hardest part of every job or adventure.

Lack of action protects us from fear.

“If you don't take action, you cannot fail. You can justify it any way you want. That's a choice. Once you start, you lose total control over the outcome because you cannot control external variables. That's courage.”

Everyone faces fear in a different way. No one is exempt, though...we just respond differently. Some face it head on, while others are mortified of that first initial action. We find all kinds of other stuff that has to get done and things that distract us from getting started. I was surprised at what I discovered when I went back to the basics and began asking myself the questions I would ask my clients. Sometimes, we can bury ourselves in being busy that we push our own "getting started" out of site. When I began questioning my own motives, I realized there was one particular area of subconscious fear that was causing me to place pretty much everything else that came up before the "hard" thing I needed to get over or do before anything else can happen.

Then I thought "YIKES!!! I'm doing it too!". Or not doing it really.

Just like we can't all use the same workout plan, we shouldn't expect that there is one exact way to get motivated and stay dedicated taking the action and doing the hard, necessary stuff that could skyrocket you. #superstar #vision #fear #motivation #leadership That's why I put together a worksheet designed to examine my motives and find the real why behind the fear in those things I seem to put off. You can email me at to get a copy for yourself if you are up for the challenge. I'll share.

Then I took action. And everything changed.

But that's another story. SJ

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