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Time for a change

Knowing it and doing it are not the same thing.

So you know that you need to change some things in your life and you know that until you make those changes, you will be stuck. But now you feel paralyzed....

“I can't make a change until after the new year. I'll be able to do something different after my kids are grown.”

And begin to rationalize why you aren't doing what you need to do for the life you want to have. What is it that is keeping you where you are? Is it the fear of the unknown? Are you afraid of what others will think? Have you been conditioned to believe that you don't deserve to have the things you think you want in life?

Sorry, but that's a cop-out.

Until you have actually taken the first step toward changing your life or a part of it - it's just words. Perhaps you need a coach!

There's nothing wrong with needing an outside view or a coach who is not attached to your emotions. Even as a coach myself, I have a coach. Why? I am human. Just like most people, I need encouragement. I need someone to call me out on my crap. I need someone to bounce ideas off. I need someone to tell me the truth when everyone else is afraid to hurt my feelings. It's enlightening, invigorating and freeing.

If you are stuck and know you need change but cannot fathom where to begin...GET A COACH. (You can have me as your coach!) The investment in yourself will be worth it.

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