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Capture your crowd immediately with Shari Jo's energy, passion and caring. With tons of practical experience, Shari Jo cut's right to the chase and gives real tools and simple solutions to challenges we all face. Your audience will love every minute on this journey of growth and change that will inspire them to action achieving greatness in both their professional and personal lives. She's feisty, witty, down to earth, wise and just wild enough to inspire action and growth in everyone. Shari Jo will leave you with not only the confidence, but also the tools you need to continue the momentum every day and set your greatness free! 

Looking for something specific that you don't see here?  Just ask.  It may be available but just not listed or we can get you in touch with another expert.

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Connecting The Why's for Topics.png

Many employees feel disconnected in the workplace long before we recognize it. As employers, we are usually so anxious for a new team member to get up to speed that we’re not paying enough attention to whether we have created a welcoming environment for them, provided the right tools for them or took the time to make sure they understand and have bought into to your mission.  

How will you know what it takes to keep them engaged and thriving? A lack of connection, while detrimental to the team member, also has a huge impact on your bottom line in the form of turnover and consistency in your product, service or message.

Shari Jo will take you through an empowering and eye-opening journey of Connecting the Why’s that starts with “What If”, ends with “Wow” and is filled with “Ah-ha” moments.  

From Hate to Grace.png

Motivational speaker, Shari Jo Watkins shares an inspiring story of an 11-year journey through feeling trapped in a world that didn’t want her. Always with the best intentions, she seemed to set herself up for failure by believing what “they” thought or said about her. Through patterns of self-inflicted pain and beliefs that secretly prevented her from believing in herself, there were constant cycles of resentment, frustration and bitterness.


For years she was convinced that God hated her and that she must be being punished for something she had done. Jobs came and went, people passed through her life and passion came and died.  Over and over again. And then she woke up! 

Learn about the internal transformation that had to take place and what happened along the way before finally moving from Hate to Grace.  Regardless of your age or position, you will experience a renewed excitement and be able to confidently grow into the best version of yourself. Plus, you'll take away tools that you can use immediately in your own life. 

Quit Whining and Do Something for topics

Quit Whining & Do Something forces the obvious issue in a witty, but straight to the point approach.  Get ready to have fun in this session where we see exactly how past and current behaviors meet future consequences.  We spend so much time talking about what's wrong (and who to blame for it) that we aren't really doing much about it.  

Let's face it, acknowledging that there is a huge disconnect between the way we thought just a few short years ago, isn't going to fix it. We must all learn how to think differently in order to thrive together instead of just surviving.  Quit Whining & Do Something will set you on a new path and give you tools you can use right now to change your mind, change your attitude and change your life!

Don't waste another day wondering what to do. Let's do something different.

You Cant Lead of They Won't Follow for t

Get ready to have fun with this fast-paced You Can’t Lead if They Won’t Follow session. You’ll get a practical, witty, down to earth - and a little bit in your face - perspective of the fake catch 22 cycle looming over our future workforce.


Obviously, very different from prior generations, Shari Jo will share experiences and thought process connections that will finally bridge the gap between what used to be, what is and what’s yet to come in the workforce.


You’ll learn how simple it really is to address things that continue to hold us back.  Let’s face it, as a nation of leaders trying to prep those that will follow, it’s critical that we think and act in a way that works for them. 


They are our future!

Extraordinary Outcomes from Everyday Ord

This hilarious session will recharge your desire to press on when you simply feel like giving up.  In the middle of daily chaos, misunderstanding, impossible deadlines, and a thousand ways to communicate; we all need to see a light at the end of the tunnel from time to time.  


Unfortunately that kind of dedication and determination can often blind us to what's really happening around us, giving us "tunnel vision" in our businesses and lives and preventing us from enjoying our successes.  


It's time to reevaluate, take off the blinders and learn how to leverage everyday ordinary so you can celebrate the small wins and achieve extraordinary outcomes. 

There IS a Superhero inside all of us.

How to Thrive in a World That Expects Yo

In this talk, Shari Jo shares insight into the deep disconnect between a vastly different generational gap in the workforce and life in general. 


So often, we belive the lies that the world or even people close to us tell us.  Usually it starts in childhood and and continues to be instilled throught adulthood.  Sometimes its in our own heads and we defeat ourselves befor even trying.


In this session, Shari Jo shares her story of years of confusion and heartache over always feeling like she was made to do amazing things and always longed for acceptance and belonging; searching for something more, but more important, how she finally overcame the belief that it couldn't happen.  It wasn't easy, in fact it was very painful at times. 


In this talk, you will be inspired you to achieve the greatness you were made for. You'll leave with new tools that you can use immediately to change your mind, change your attitude and change your life. Lose the fear and learn simple steps to help thrive and defeat the odds you're facing.  

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