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build YOur App Course -

Only $500 to Build and $50 a month to host

NOW is the time!


If you are a speaker, coach, entrepreneur or small to mid-sized business and don’t have your own app yet, I am hosting a 5-week course where I will help you build your app. So many people think it’s too expensive or too hard to do. It’s NOT. It’s only $500 to build (about an 80% discount from having us build it) and only $50 per month to host and maintain.


No hidden costs. No charges per user. No charges per download. No long term contract.

$500 App Building Course.jpg


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below. ALL work can be done remotely and you can build at your own pace.

Did you know?

91% of all adults have their phones within reach during all waking hours.

Reach them with tools THEY ALREADY HAVE!!

Grow your team.

Instead of fighting to keep phones out of their hands; now you can use it to your benefit and channel how and why its being used. Let them help you grow with tools THEY already know. 

Grow your business.

There really is a better way to keep your customers thinking about you.  No one leaves the house without their phones.  Keep them engaged with loyalty rewards, coupons and more.

Apps are for everyone.  Not just big commerce!

We believe every business - big or small - should have one.

In fact, you can't afford NOT to have one!

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